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NEW 2016”
Takamaz have designed and manufactured the ESL as the lead in machine to compete with an ever more aggressive market place.
The ESL is the European version of Takamaz’s very successful GSL model that has had 2 years of success in the Asian market.
Two models are available in hollow spindle and solid spindle machines.
While manufacturing to a cost target was paramount no corners were cut in quality so protecting Takamaz’s prime position as a high quality machine manufacturer with reliability and accuracy at its core.

TAKAMAZ ESL10 Series PDF Brochure

Loader Availability Servo Turret
Spindle Power 5.5KW/3.7KW 4.7Nm
Spindle RPM 4500 RPM
Strokes X:120mm , Z:230mm
Tool Capacity 8 station servo turret
Control Type Fanuc 0iTF
Chuck Size 6"
Max Bar Dia Closed Centre / 35mm
Tool Post Type Servo Turret


Takamaz Japan’s most popular X10i and X100 have sold over 6,500 units. The NEW XC100 is an upgraded model with improvements over its previous successor.
The XC100 is a single spindle 2 axis precision cnc lathe. Available for manual loading, bar feeding or with the Takamaz loader system fitted. The range of options available mean the machine package can be developed around specific requirements to suit your production. Quality cast construction with box slide ways give high accuracy. More compact than prvious the XC100 now stands on a Takamaz spindle and servo driven turret all in a footprint of 1.56m2.

TAKAMAZ XC-XL Series PDF Brochure


Strokes X:120mm, Z:230mm
Spindle RPM 4,500RPM
Spindle Power 7.5/5.5 KW
Tool Capacity 8 Stations
Control Type Fanuc OiTC
Tool Post Type Turret Drum
Max Bar Dia 26mm Solid
Chuck Size 6"
Loader Availability Sigma C60 Standard


In simple terms the XL100 is a power tool, C axis version of the XC100 with increased Z axis and tail stock availability.

TAKAMAZ XL100 PDF Brochure

Spindle Power 7.5/5.5KW (11/7.5KW opttional)
Spindle RPM 4500RPM
(OPT 3500RPM 6000RPM)
Chuck Size 6" (A2-5)
Max Bar Dia 26mm dia
(OPT 35mm dia)
Strokes X: 120mm Z: 280mm Cs: 360deg
Tool Capacity 12 Station (8 optional)
Tool Post Type Sevo Turret
Control Type Fanuc 21iTa
Loader Availability 2 Axis Servo Loader


8 inch chuck 2 axis Precision CNC Lathe available with or without Takamaz Gantry Loading System. 12 station servo driven turrets can be specified with an 8 station as standard. Standard bar diameter of 51mm and spindle bearing ID of 100mm.This machine has enhanced chip disposal compared to previous models. Utilising the Fanuc Oi-TB control, part program storage length is 640m as standard. A machine that will enhance productivity, through reliability and accuracy in many types of production

Spindle RPM 3,500 ( 4,500 opt)
Spindle Power 5.5/3.7Kw (7.5/5.5Kw opt)
Loader Availability Various Options
Tool Capacity 8 Tools (12 opt)
Strokes X: 175mm
Y: N/A
Z: 330mm
Max Bar Dia 51mm
Chuck Size 8"
Control Type Fanuc Oi-TB
Tool Post Type Turret


The up graded version of the Takamaz XY120. This mill turn precision cnc lathe with a main spindle chuck and a sub spindle chuck has compound machining capability. The advantages of being able to turn mill and tap at both ends of the work piece ensure a smooth production flow through ‘single hit’ machining strategies.
The machine features Y axis and C axis to both spindles and a 12 station turret capable of taking 12 driven tools with half indexing giving additional capacity up to 24 tools.
Power tool drive is increased to a powerful 3.7kw. Rapid rates are 18m/min for X, 24m/min for Z, 18m/min for A (sub spindle travel) and 50 Rpm for both C axes.
Available with parts catcher, out feed conveyor and bar feeder for unmanned lights out machining.
Innovative Short Cycle Time
With the sub spindle for overlap cutting and main and sub spindle simultaneous cutting, the cycle time is significantly reduced.
This machine can also be installed with takamaz loaders on request.

Spindle RPM 5,000 RPM
Spindle Power 7.5/5.5Kw Main (11/7.5Kw opt)
Loader Availability On Request
Strokes X1: 150mm Y: +/- 35mm Z: 330mm X2: 150mm Z2:440mm
Tool Capacity Main 12 Tools (24 Half index) Sud Turret
Chuck Size A2-5 6 inch main - A2-4 5 inch sub
Control Type Fanuc 0iTD
Max Bar Dia 42mm (51mm OPTION)
Tool Post Type Turret main and sub


New for 2006 the XY1000 delivers the ultimate in compound machining. This dual spindle duel turret machine incorporates Y axis in the upper turret and power tooling to all stations. With 8 programmable axis available dual machining can be achieved on both spindles.
The main and sub spindles are both balanced in specification at 6”, 500rpm, 42mm capacity, so allowing the same capacities to be achieved on the second operations, unlike other machines. A floor space of only 5.5m2 is required, a leader in the 6” class. For 12 months the machine has been field tested in Japan before its European release so reliability is assured.

Strokes X: 170mm (160 2nd Turret)
Y: +-30mm
Z: 550mm
Spindle RPM 5,000
Spindle Power 7.5/5.5kW
Tool Capacity 12 Tools (24 Powered)
Control Type Fanuc
Tool Post Type Servo Turret
Max Bar Dia Fanuc
Chuck Size Fanuc
Loader Availability Bar Feeder


A twin spindle twin turret precision lathe with power tooling and C axis. The upper turret has a +-40mm Y axis stroke to achieve highly accurate milling operations. With 51mm diameter main spindle and an equivalent 51mm sub spindle the NEW XY2000 machine has a serious compound machining capability. The machine features 2 off 12 station turrets both having VDI 40 power tool drive to all stations. The main spindle has the increased option of 65mm bore should it be required. Takamaz will also offer the machine with gantry loading on request.

Strokes X,1-X,2: 170mm Y: +/-40mm Primary Z1-Z2: 510mm
Spindle RPM 4,500 RPM
Spindle Power AC18.5/15Kw Main AC11/7.5Kw Sub
Tool Capacity 12 + 12 Tools
Control Type Fanuc 31i-A
Tool Post Type VDI40 Turret x 2
Max Bar Dia 51mm (65mm main)
Chuck Size 8 main 8 sub
Loader Availability On Request


The XD8 a different concept. This is a twin spindle with built in gantry servo loaders. The XD concept gives zero loading and unloading times. This is achieved by using a shared tool platen or tool turret. Ideal for short cycle time turning work where components are near net shape or for secondary operations. While one spindle is machined the other is being loaded and unloaded. When that cycle is finished the machining and loading cycles are switched. This achieves very little spindle down time and results in component cycle times that reflect the machining cycle only. The machine is available with various loader flow options to allow for a variety of different production requirements. The high standard of Takamaz build quality and reliability are second to none and ensure that these machines achieve high productivity gains in volume production scenarios. Also available is the smaller XD5.

TAKAMAZ XC-XL Series PDF Brochure


Spindle RPM 4,500 (7,000 opt)
Loader Availability MD50 (72m/min)
Spindle Power 3.7/2.2Kw x 2 (5.5Kw / 3.7Kw)
Strokes X: 200mm Y: N/A Z: +/- 105mm
Tool Capacity 8 Tools
Max Bar Dia N/A
Chuck Size Fanuc Oi-TC
Control Type Fanuc Oi-TC
Tool Post Type Patten or Turret


The largest machine in the XD range. The XD10i mechanics are based upon Takamaz’s major model the X10i. Using the same loading concept as the XD8 the XD10i favours larger work pieces with slightly longer cycle times. Tool storage is by a servo driven turret with a rotation time of just 0.2 seconds per index. The compact design means the machine only needs 2.3m (L) x 1.7m (W) of floor space. Various loader options are available to cope with an assortment of requirements.

Spindle Power 5.5/3.7Kw x 2 (7.5/5.5Kw opt)
Tool Post Type Turret
Loader Availability Sigma D60 Standard
Spindle RPM 4,500 (6,000 opt)
Strokes X: 120mm
Y: N/A
Z: +/- 260mm
Chuck Size 6 x 2
Control Type Fanuc 21i-TA
Tool Capacity 10 Tools
Max Bar Dia N/A


The new XW130 machine is the repalcemwent for the XW150.

Extensive design consideration has greatly reduced the machines overall footprint A compact 1,890mm width machine still accomodates axis strokes of 150mm X-axis and 160mm Z-axis slide stroke and a 1,000mm spindle center height. Easy acces to the spindle chuck and work turn device alllow for easy change-over.

The adoption of the box slideways create high accuracy with rigidity.
φ100mm maximum spindle diameter and 11/7.5kW motor.
The spindle base is liquid coolled to increase machine stability from cold start.

In late 2015 Takamaz will launch a power tooled version of the machine.

Tool Capacity 8 stations
Spindle RPM 4,000 RPM
Spindle Power 11/7.7 KW
Strokes X:150 Z:160
Control Type Fanuc
Tool Post Type Rotary Turret
Max Bar Dia Billet Loader
Chuck Size 8 inch
Loader Availability Single Gantry 2 Axis


Developed on the same lines as the popular XW50 the new XW80M is aimed at the 6” class of machines, the increased capacity along with power tool and Cs axis utilization while still achieving a minimal footprint with maximum output. Standard specification is twin 4500-rpm spindles, twin 8 station turrets and an auto loader. Power tool and C axis machining allow the uses greater flexibility and ability to cover a wider spectrum of components. Power tools can be mounted to 4 of the 8 stations on each turret. 4000 RPM and a servo driven 2.5 KW motor are quite sufficient for this class of machine. Fanuc 32iTa. with its Nano resolution and high speed processing achieves 25ns/step and can take 3 PMC paths. This makes the control ideal for a twin machine with loading system
The machine comes with the Takamaz Sigma GT60 3 axis servo loader that incorporates Yaskawa motors and drives. Rapid rates of each axis peak at the Z axis with 110m/min. A fully integrated loader control screen allows the operator to change loader programs between parts just as easily as changing the cutting programs. Setting up of new parts is also quick and easy as the teaching facility steps through the theoretical points to build a full cycle. Diagnostic screens are incorporated to allow easy verification of all input and outputs signals.
The X and Z-axis run on newly developed linear guides to ensure low resistance with minimal friction at 18m/min rapid rates while still achieving equivalent rigidity to a box slide machine for the heavier duty cutting. The two 6” spindles are both mounted on fluid cooled sub plates. The system pumps the Antifreeze/Coolant around the headstock base to minimize natural thermal growth from start up and so achieves a maximum growth of 10 microns in diameter from cold start


Strokes X:120 Z:160
Spindle RPM 4000 (option 6000)
Spindle Power AC5.5/3.7 KW X 2
Tool Capacity 8 stations ( 4 powered ) X2
Control Type Fanuc 32iTA
Tool Post Type Servo Turret Drum
Max Bar Dia Solid Chucking
Chuck Size 6 inch A2-5
Loader Availability Sigma GT60 3 axis


For details of other models in the TAKAMAZ Automated Lathes range or for a detailed quotation please contact Warwick Machinery today.

Disclaimer: Our machines are continuously upgraded to meet new requirements. We therefore reserve the right to introduce design changes at any time.