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In 1976 Warwick Machine Tools was conceived as an off shoot of Machine Tool Agencies in Warwick. The new company was established to promote CNC machines from Japan, Spain and Taiwan. These machines covered a very wide range of applications from small CNC two axis lathes from Microstar and Takamaz to large floor borers and bed mills from Sacem and Correa. In addition to metal cutting machinery Warwick also included EDM machines selling wire eroder’s and spark eroder’s from Ona Spain and various other Taiwanese manufacturer’s

All machines supplied from Japan were purchased through Yuasa Shoji, one of Japans largest trading houses. So in 1996 as a natural progression from being the supplier to being the parent company Warwick Machine Tools was purchased by Yuasa and so Yuasa Warwick Machinery was created.

2002 saw Yuasa Warwick Machinery resurrected the name of Warwick Machine Tools and created a separate company to concentrate on the mound and die industries. This company took both the agencies of Ona Erosion Machinery and MTE bed mills along with the expertise of personnel required for this field. Yuasa Warwick Machinery continued to promote with success the three main core agencies of Takamaz lathes, Enshu machining centres and Kira drilling and tapping centres, continuing relationships that now endure over 30 years of business.

2008 saw another change to the ownership of Warwick Machinery when the company was sold by Yuasa to a group of European companies lead by WEMCO Gmbh.

WEMCO Gmbh have represented Enshu and Takamaz in Germany for over 12 years and have had a hand in creating Dematec Poland, Geco Hungary and Warwick Machinery Limited. The underlying theme with all companies within the group is the supply of high quality machines from manufacturers prepared to support the product and work with the customers. New markets are also emerging and with new group companies now opening up in Indonesia and Singapore the Wemco organisation continues to grow.

As of 2018 Warwick Machinery Limited continue to supply Takamaz, Enshu and Kira machines along with the addition of Neway and FPT to widen our porfolio
By working with Warwick our customers join in a partnership with a family of companies who bring traditional values of service and quality into an ever changing technological age.

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