KIRA Production Centres

HPC30Vb 2AQC KPC30a & KPC30b MT40Vb Twin Spindle
MC40V 2APC Twin Spindle KN40Va & KN40Vb PC30 F


High speed fixed table BT30 vertical spindle machining center with pallet changer. Kira’s philosophy with this machine is to reduce non cutting time to a minimum. Fast rapid rates of 56m/min, fast tool change time of 0.7secs, fast spindle ramp up of 0.7 secs (0 to 15,000 Rpm) and APC rotation time of 1.7secs make this a market leading, performance production center. Capable of serious milling as well as high speed rigid tapping and drilling this machine not only offers exceptional class leading performance but also Kira’s exceptional build quality and reliability. With a wide range of options also available the HPC can cover most requirements when it comes to small parts machining in a volume environment.

Table 500mm x 300mm
Spindle RPM 15,000
Spindle Power 3.7/2.2Kw
Spindle Size BT30
Strokes X: 350mm Y: 290mm Z: 320mm
Rapid Rates X: 56m/min Y: 56m/min Z: 56m/min
Twin Pallet Only Available
Tool Capacity 20
ATC Type Tool Change Arm
Control Type Fanuc 21i-MB

KPC30a & KPC30b

The KPC models offer blistering performance in a single table BT30 machine. The renowned Kira spindle is part of the package that challenges the conventional. Why use a BT40 taper machine when the KPC with BT30 taper spindle can take on your most challenging jobs? The KPC has a milling capability second to none for a machine of this size. With the choice between the a and b models and also extended X axis (640mm) models available the KPC range offer exceptional choice and versatility for today’s production environment.

Spindle Size BT30
Spindle Power 3.7/2.2Kw
Spindle RPM 8,000 or 15,000
Table 650mm x 380mm
Strokes X: 500mm (640mm opt)
Y: 380mm
Z: 300mm
Rapid Rates X: 56m/min Y: 56m/min Z: 56m/min
ATC Type Rotary Turret or Change Arm
Tool Capacity 14 or 20 (30 opt)
Twin Pallet Not Available
Control Type Fanuc 21i-MB

MT40Vb Twin Spindle

Kira’s MT40Vb is twin spindle production centre designed to double machine production in one compact footprint.
The MT model denotes the moving table design of machine against the MC moving column models. The MC models are also availble in twin pallet design to once more increace the machines output with pallet changes within 3 seconds so keeping the machines spindle uptime to a maximum.

Spindle pitches are seta at 250mm, 320mm and 450mm. with motor capacities in two speed options of 8000RPM 10HP or 20HP and 12000RPM 10HP .
Spindle sizes of BT 30 and BT40 models are manufactured.

Table 1000mm X 400mm
Spindle RPM 8000 RPM / 12000RPM
Spindle Power 20HP / 10HP
Spindle Size BT40
Strokes X:700mm Y:600mm Z:400mm
Rapid Rates X:56m/min Y:56m/min Z:48m/min
Twin Pallet N/A
Tool Capacity 20 tools X 2
ATC Type Cam Box Arm
Control Type Fanuc

MC40V 2APC Twin Spindle

Based upon the proven KN40 model this machine with its 2 spindles pitched at 250mm and 320mm offers the capability of machining 2 work pieces in the time it would normally take to machine 1. There are 14 twin spindle models in the range, single table, 2 APC and Super 2APC. For more information contact WML today.

Table 600mm x 350mm
Spindle Power 10HP or 20HP
Spindle RPM 8,000 or 12,000
Spindle Size BT40
Strokes X: 500mm Y: 350mm Z: 400mm
Rapid Rates X: 48m/min Y: 48m/min Z: 48m/min
Twin Pallet Sevo driven pallet
Tool Capacity 20 X 2
ATC Type Servo Arm
Control Type Fanuc 21i-MB

KN40Va & KN40Vb

BT40 spindle, fixed table vertical machining centers. Available in a variety of configurations from 12 to 20 tools, single table or APC, from 500mm to 2000mm X axis, 4,000 to 12,000 Rpm Spindles. Rapid traverse rates up to 48m/min. Machine configurations to suit most requirements all with the exceptional Kira build quality.

For details of the Kira KN40 range or for a detailed quotation please contact Warwick Machinery Limited today.

Spindle RPM 120~12000RPM
Spindle Power 5.5KW / 3.7KW
Spindle Size BT40
Control Type Fanuc 21iMB
Table 700 x 400mm
600 x 350mm
1200 x 400mm
2000 x 400mm
Strokes X: 500mm or 1200mm
Y: 350mm
Z: 400mm
ATC Type Servo Arm or Dial Turret
Rapid Rates X: 48m/min Y: 48m/min Z: 36m/min
Tool Capacity 12 /14 /20
Twin Pallet 2 pallet turntable 4 seconds

PC30 F

Moving table high speed drill/tap center with BT30 taper spindle. High productivity drilling and high speed positioning of 60m/min. Typical tapping speed of 0.5 seconds for an M6 × 12mm deep hole.

Spindle RPM 10,000
Spindle Power 3.7/2.2Kw
Spindle Size BT30
Control Type Fanuc 21i-MB
Table 500mm x 350mm
Twin Pallet Not Available
ATC Type Rotary Turret
Rapid Rates X: 60m/min Y: 60m/min Z: 60m/min
Strokes X: 420mm Y: 270mm Z: 270mm
Tool Capacity 10


For details of other models in the KIRA Production Centres range or for a detailed quotation please contact Warwick Machinery today.

Disclaimer: Our machines are continuously upgraded to meet new requirements. We therefore reserve the right to introduce design changes at any time.