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DINO is a high-speed vertical machining centre with fixed portal and moving table, ideally suited for complex machining even with 5 continuous axes. The optimization of the structures, through the use of the most advanced FEM analysis, and the use of drive systems of the most recent generation combine the need for high productivity with flexibility and accuracy, setting a new standard in the machine tool field. DINO structures are completely manufactured with stabilized cast iron. A prestigious choice that qualifies the product and magnifies the performances in terms of rigidity and damping capacity. The configuration with fixed portal and the 180° swivel CNC panel, allows the operator a perfect control over machining and tools from either side of the machine.
The operator always remains in the ideal ergonomic position during the entire machining process. The axis movement is through linear guideways with preloaded roller pads. The drive system utilizes hardened and ground ballscrews with preloaded double-nut. On the longitudinal and cross axes the screw is fixed and the double-nut rotates to minimize the inertia of the moving masses. The unique “FTA system” allows automatic change of milling attachments and guarantees the maximum flexibility without compromises, obtaining the best performances for both roughing and finishing operations. Various milling spindles with different torque/power/rpm are available. The universal 5-axis Direct Drive milling head “TULCE” is a unique FPT solution, resulting from the innovative mentality that has always characterized the company. This solution allows continuous 5-axis machining with revolution speed and accuracy not achievable with traditional systems. The unique body morphology and the 50° angle between the axes allow elimination of any loss of machining volume during the vertical-horizontal movement of the spindle and ensure undercut machining up to 10° to reach areas otherwise not accessible. Exclusive performances that are achieved by FPT Direct Drive head with an extremely simple design compared to traditional solutions, including big advantages for reliability and endurance through the years. DINO is equipped with an integral safety enclosure that contains and collects chips and coolant without contamination of the external environment. A telescopic sliding door system allows the complete opening of the loading/unloading area and easy positioning of the part on the moving table. Following FPT philosophy, the thermal expansion control is handled through the thermostabilization of internal heat sources, as well as through a thermo-symmetric model that follows temperature variations of the part in a synchronous mode. DINO can be customized with a wide range of options and solutions, satisfying all particular needs of customers, operating in the fields of aerospace industry, high-accuracy machining, moulds, dies and styling centres.

Spindle Size / Design HSK A100, HSK A63, HSK E40
Spindle Speed (r.p.m) 14,000, 18,000, 22,000, 34,000
Power (Kw) 37, 22, 19, 18.5
Max Torque (Nm) 162, 140, 84,60,12
Logitudinal Travel (mm) 2,800 -3,000
Cross Travel (mm) 2,200
Vertical Travel (mm) 1,000 - 1,100
Table Size (mm) 1,200 x 3,000
Max Table Weight (Kg) 8,000
Tool Changer Style ARM STYLE RANDOM
Tool Capacity (pcs) 30, 60 MULTIPLES OF


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