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Dino Max

DINOMAX is a moving bridge Gantry-style machine suitable for heavy duty machining as well as high-speed cutting. The optimization of the structures, through use of the most advanced FEM analysis, and the use of drive systems of the most recent generation as well as linear motors, combine the need for high productivity with flexibility and accuracy, setting a new standard in the machine tool field. A specific configuration package allows the use of DINOMAX for complex medium-large sized gear machining, whose accuracy and finishing are typical of teeth grinding machines. A 4-sided safety enclosure surrounds the machining area and the part can be loaded through wide sliding doors at the front. The system can be completed with a movable protection roof with automatic opening, actuated by electric servomotors. The automatic head change is possible on both systems and and guarantees the maximum flexibility without compromises, obtaining the best performances for both roughing and finishing operations. Following FPT philosophy, the thermal expansion control is handled through the thermostabilization of internal heat sources, as well as through a thermo-symmetric model that follows temperature variations of the part in a synchronous mode. DINOMAX can be customized with a wide range of options and solutions, satisfying all particular needs of customers, operating in the fields of aerospace industry, power generation parts, high-accuracy machining, moulds, dies and styling centres.



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