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Gemac Hydraulics Increase Production

Gemac Hydraulics (Stanwell Moor) recently took delivery of a Takamaz XW60 machine. Mr Costanza (works Director ) had previous experience working with Warwick Machinery and Takamaz and so when automated billet machining was required the selection of machine was a relatively easy process. With floor space a premium in an ever more productive facility the footprint of the XW60 machine was ideal. With 2 spindles and 2 turrets the OP10 Op20 parts could be fully machined in one hit lowering cycle times and reducing tooling costs. Warwick Machinery undertook to set the machine up for the initial parts but after the installation production forces required the set up of additional parts. The initial training given by Takamaz engineers was invaluable and stood Mr Guizepie Costanza well setting the machine and loader to the new parts. Guizepie commented that “remembering the previous machine’s we had helped but really this was easier than we expected and friendlier to use”

Gemac have used the machine in recent adverting campaigns to the benefit of all


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