NISSIN 5 Axis Machining Centres

Nissin Max 410 i Series
Nissin N Max Series

Nissin Max 410 i Series

The Era of Multi Face Machining
Nissin the trusted manufacturer of crankshaft and camshaft turning machines now offers these 5 axis machining centres. The cast iron base is manufacture to a honeycombed design giving additional strength to the bridge style construction. The spindles are offered in HSK63A and BT40 with 12,000 and 20,000 RPM. Tool change is armless chain style minimising moving parts. The trunion style table also returns higher rigidity over canterliver designs. Direct drive motors from Fanuc are utillised in the rotary and tilting axis providing higher rotational speeds and better power transfer.

Please call for details, or to arrange a demonstration.

ATC Capacity 28 / 40
Table Size 425 dia
Table Capacity 250Kg
Spindle Size HSK63A / BT40
Spindle Power 15kw-11kw / 11kw 7.5kw
Control Type Fanuc 21i MB
Rapid Rates Z: 32m/min
X-Y: 40m/min
Strokes X: 450
Y: 460
Z: 410
A: -120 - +15
C: 360
RPM 20,000 / 12,000

Nissin N Max Series

Developed for high production 5 axis machining the N-MAX is one of the first truly large capacity 5 axis twin pallet production centres in the world.
The machines construction is designed to transmit all the cutting forces from a shearing effect to a compression effect. The main column and bridge is designed as a arch so greatly increasing the machines total rigidity while still achieving a 560mm diameter swing. The machine is availble in 5 main models.
N-Max F40 (BT 40 taper model with single table)
N-Max F40 APC (BT 40 taper model with pallet system)
N-Max F40 (BT 50 taper model with single table)
N-Max F40 APC (BT 50 taper model with pallet system)
N-Max F2000 (HSK63 taper and 20,000RPM)

The machines first machines in European will be available at our Germany offices near Dusseldorf from April 2010 for demonstration.

Spindle Size BT40, BT50, HSK63
Spindle Power 30/25KW, 22/18.5KW, 11/18.5KW
Strokes X: 650 Y:860 Z:540 C:360 A:-120 +30
Rapid Rates X: 50m/min Y:50m/min Z:40m/min
Control Type Fanuc 31i- A5
RPM 10,000rpm (20,000rpm option)
ATC Capacity 30/40/60/90/120
Table Size 450mm
Table Capacity 400KG


For details of other models in the NISSIN 5 Axis Machining Centres range or for a detailed quotation please contact Warwick Machinery today.

Disclaimer: Our machines are continuously upgraded to meet new requirements. We therefore reserve the right to introduce design changes at any time.