New Models

GE Machines

Enshu have recently redesigned its range of horizontal machines with a four path plan to make a machine with greater productivity, sustained high levels of accuracy and improved ergonomics, while increasing energy savings and minimizing environmental impacts.
The new GE—-H range is easy to understand. GE stands for Global Enshu machines developed as a world standard to cover all markets. The next number denoted the machines basic spindle size 4 being 40 taper and 5 a 50 taper. Next comes the machines strokes 60cm, 80cm, 90cm. Followed by H for Horizontal making machine selection clear for all to understand.

Greater productivity is achieved by Enshu concentrating on non cutting time operations. Rapid feed rates of 90m/min on the all axis bring with them natural problems with heat building in moving parts. This is countered by all axis adopting a system that pumps chilled fluids through the ball screws and bearing housings, so eliminating growth. This is born out by the use of 3D-FEM systems used to analyse Enshu’s machines in design and build. Acceleration and deceleration are also increased but optimized by software that considers the overall distance of travel to achieve the shortest time.
Ergonomics are improved with operators position and ease of access improved. All guards have been redesigned with ease of maintenance considered in all aspects.
Environmentally the machines are 30% more efficient on ongoing running costs while covering a smaller foot print that also creates savings for the end user.
Overall Enshu’s new GE line up is a development of engineering design coupled with market requirement and environmental necessities


Developed on the same lines as the popular XW50 the new XW80M is aimed at the 6” class of machines, the increased capacity along with power tool and Cs axis utilization while still achieving a minimal footprint with maximum output. Standard specification is twin 4500-rpm spindles, twin 8 station turrets and an auto loader. Power tool and Cs axis machining allow the uses greater flexibility and ability to cover a wider spectrum of components.

Power tools can be mounted to 4 of the 8 stations on each turret. 4000 RPM and a servo driven 2.5 KW motor are quite sufficient for this class of machine. Fanuc 32iTa. with its Nano resolution and high speed processing achieves 25ns/step and can take 3 PMC paths. This makes the control ideal for a twin machine with loading system
The machine comes with the Takamaz Sigma GT60 3 axis servo loader that incorporates Yaskawa motors and drives. Rapid rates of each axis peak at the Z axis with 110m/min. A fully integrated loader control screen allows the operator to change loader programs between parts just as easily as changing the cutting programs. Setting up of new parts is also quick and easy as the teaching facility steps through the theoretical points to build a full cycle. Diagnostic screens are incorporated to allow easy verification of all input and outputs signals.

The X and Z-axis run on newly developed linear guides to ensure low resistance with minimal friction at 18m/min rapid rates while still achieving equivalent rigidity to a box slide machine for the heavier duty cutting. The two 6” spindles are both mounted on fluid cooled sub plates. The system pumps the Antifreeze/Coolant around the headstock base to minimize natural thermal growth from start up and so achieves a maximum growth of 10 microns in diameter from cold start