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21.02.11 - Haldex Investment

Haldex Birmingham (formerly Concentric Pumps) have seen an increase in sales of their highly efficient fuel pumps and in early 2011 increased manufacturing capacity by adding another Enshu JE60S. The machine was specified to fall in line with existing machines and give ease of operation for operators, designers and programmers a like. The seamless integration of another machine to the production, assisted in not effecting ongoing productivity.

30.06.09 - Chromatica Light Up Production

When in late 2007 Chromatica of Coventry ( ) looked to make its first tentative steps in to CNC machining of their LED lighting systems a local supplier was sought to give a total support package. Barry Jones (Director and partner) decided to undertake the turning and milling requirements and selected Warwick machinery to supply equipment to cover current requirements. On the milling WML supplied a Kira KPC30 single table Mill Drill Centre, with a 1.5m x 2.4m small foot print this fitted into Chromatica’s plans without expansion of the premises. A 200mm Niken rotary table was fully integrated allowing 4 axis machining eliminating the need for double fixturing of certain parts. On the turning a Haksui HTL 80 machine with 8’ chucks 4000 RPM and tailstock was purchased. Haksui utilise a specialised “eco friendly” cooling system specifically for use with stainless steels and non ferrous metals eliminating the use of standard water based coolants.
Within every aspect of the machine selection, fixture conceptions, tooling and training WML worked hand in hand with Chromatica to achieve a stable transition to in-house manufacture while keeping the investment costs under control.

Barry comments “Our first steps into CNC programming and machining was at first a little daunting, considering our requirement to cover turning and milling. But with our own confidence and the continued support of Warwick the past 12 months have seen us control the work in progress better and so achieve a more responsive supply to our end users. The reliability of the machines and the lack of hidden or additional unforeseen costs from Warwick all add to the success of this transition. We are now looking to a very healthy future and as the business grows and as requirements arise for further machinery our first call will be to Warwicks door”

18.05.07 - Concentric Pumps invests in UK Machining Capacity

Concentric plc, the world’s leading manufacturer of oil, fuel and water pumps for medium to heavy diesel engines, has brought forward the latest phase of its rolling investment programme in order to meet a steep increase in demand from its customers, including De, ZF and Cummins.

The current phase of the investment programme is worth approximately £750,000 and will be dedicated to its UK plant in Birmingham. Parallel investments have been committed in the company’s other plant in the USA, India and above all China, where a new 40,000 sq.ft. factory is scheduled to started production early in 2007.

The Birmingham investment includes another Enshu JE60S 2APC. David Woolley, Managing Director of Concentric Pumps Ltd commented “The new machining center’s put us in great shape for the next round of capacity increases planned in 2007. Planning two years ahead, we can see continuing growth in demand and consequently a vigorous investment programme.”

The Enshu JE60S 2APC horizontal machining center is designed for multiple operations on prismatic parts. It is a “full process”, high performance traveling-column machining centre, featuring 50m/min rapid traverse rates, advanced spindle design, fast two-pallet shuttle system and large capacity tool storage. Paul Moseley, Concentric’s Programme Manager commented “The new machines reflect our policy of continuous investment in the latest and most advanced production facilities. They will help to ensure that Concentric produces pumps of the highest quality, accuracy and efficiency in line with customer demands.”

08.06.06 - Cold Formed Products

The relationship between Warwick Machinery Limited Warwick and Cold Form Products (Beckton) was strengthened in early 2006 when CFP ordered its first Kira HPC30Vb Production Centre. Many years of association has seen CFP purchase 7 Takamaz turning centres (4 with auto loading) to machine varying cold formed parts that required machining operations to complete details that the cold forming process could not fulfill. The requirement for the Kira was driven by an ever growing order book to machine various connectors. Warwick Machinery Limited specified the machine to CFP’s specific production process requirement allowing parts to be machined in one hit. The twin pallet HPC30Vb incorporated 2 Niken 180 4th axis units with fully integrated fixtures incorporating auto clamping and parts seating confirmation. The nature of CFP’s business dictates that the machines none cutting times be kept to a minimum and that spindle operation is kept to a maximum. The HPC30Vb reduces none cutting times by using an arm style (30 capacity) tool changer that will exchange the tools with the X and Y axis in any position (subject to fixture design). The tool carousel will also pre-select the next tool to alleviate carousel selection time. Tip to tip changes are 0.7 seconds and Z axis will return to the work piece at 56m/min. Coupled with a pallet system that exchanges within 2.4 seconds the Kira’s none cutting time attains to CFP’s requirements.

15.05.06 - Floform Injects Automation

Floform Limited ofWelshpool Powys has been cold forming metals into complex shapes at its UK factory since 1959. A world leading cold-former , Floform manufacture components for blue chip customers in the automotive and semiconductor industries from copper, nickel, aluminium or steel.

The manufacture of copper diesel injector sleeves for various engine manufacturers has for many years been pivotal to Floform’s production. The fuel injectors for truck diesel engines need to be kept cool and this is achieved by encasing them in Floform’s copper injector sleeves. To make these complex precision parts, up to four separate forming operations may be required and after cold forming certain variants of the injection sleeve require precision turning operations prior to heat treatment.

Floform are committed to continuous improvement and with an increase in demand sought to increase capability and improve productivity on these products.

Floform had already invested in Takamaz XD8 automated lathes for semiconductor production in 2000, Based upon their previous experience of Takamaz machinery David Richards (senior engineer) invited Warwick Machinery Limited Warwick Machinery to propose a Takamaz solution for their new investment.

Unmanned operation, cycle time and process capability were paramount for the project’s success. With a target cycle time of just 17 seconds per part to achieve the projected quantities of 1 million pieces per annum, Warwick Machinery Limited Warwick Machinery proposed 2 off Takamaz X10i Precision Auto loaded CNC Lathes. The X10i is a single spindle machine with 2 axis servo loaders achieving load unload times of 6 to 8 seconds. To provide the constant parts supply to each machine a main supply stocker and common conveyor were integrated, capable of feeding both machines. Mr. Richards explains “The conveyor system was designed and configured by Takamaz to allow either machine to run separately and provision has been made for the addition of another machine should production requirements increase above the current levels.”

From past experience of machining the copper injectors Floform recognised the problems that would be encountered with swarf control using a totally automated production system. Partly with this in mind Floform tasked Warwick Machinery Limited Warwick with the turnkey of the project. Both machines were specified with 50 bar coolant systems to assist with solving problems associated with swarf and achieve uninterrupted automatic running of the system. The system was turnkeyed and successfully passed off by Floform personel at Warwick Machinery Limited’s premises prior to shipment and undergoing the same procedure at Floforms production facility in Welshpool.

Floform have always met leading edge quality standards, recognising the need for zero defects. To remove the need for visual inspection of the parts a PICTOR camera systems were machine mounted to monitor finish turned injectors on the out feed conveyors. This system supplied by FS Systems (tel:01933 625162) was set up to inspect the injectors for small amounts of swarf carry over. The camera is triggered automatically as the injectors pass by. Parameters are set to determine the allowable image area and should the part be deemed contaminated then the process is conveniently paused and the operator is alerted.

Commenting on the project Mr Richards says “The reliability of first XD8 machines from Takamaz has far exceeded our expectations. This new system has started in the same vane and again we envisage quality, trouble free production. In the first 2 months we have seen efficiency figures over 99% on 24hr running.”

14.06.05 - Concentric Pumps Invest in Machine Capacity

Under the latest stage of a £1.5 million investment programme, Concentric Pumps Limited has increased manufacturing capacity at its UK plant with the commissioning of a Kira CNC machining centre to form the core of a new dedicated manufacturing cell.

The new machine is a Kira HPC-30Vb-2AQC high-speed, twin-pallet vertical machining centre providing virtually uninterrupted continuous production. It can change pallets in 2.4 seconds and tools in only 0.7 seconds, which is said to be the fastest in the industry. Traverse rate is 56m/min all axes and spindle speed is 15000 RPM with fast deceleration rates, giving a chip-to-chip time of 1.8 seconds.

Control is via a Fanuc 21i-MB unit. Other features include an automatic door, auto clamping of the fixtures and air-sensing to prevent mis-loads. The Kira machine will be used in the manufacture of aluminium pump components for diesel engines.

David Woolley, Managing Director of Concentric Pumps, commented “We have a rolling programme of investments at all our plants, including Birmingham and have just opened a new factory in Pune, India. This reflects the continuing growth in demand from our partners around the world, including Cummins, Komatsu and BMC in Turkey.”