Warwick Machinery Limited have sold and supported Kira Takamaz and Enshu machines for over 30 years. With this relationship we have established a wide engineering solutions base from experience and ingenuity. Today’s engineering problems should not be considered so, but should be viewed as opportunities. We endeavor not to reinvent the wheel but to make the wheel roll faster and longer without more effort. This we feel can only be achieved by cooperation between the supplier and the customer and a willingness from both sides to achieve that goal.

Enshu is our high line full-blooded machining centre manufacturer. Primarily Enshu work in the motorcycle engine and transmission casing manufacture. Having supplied machines in Japan to 80% of the mainstream motorcycle manufactures Enshu’s expertise in component manufacture is of a level second to none. Users of Enshu’s machines include the illustrious names of Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Denso, Peugeot and our own Triumph Motorcycles to name a few.
The design and manufacture of Enshu machines has primarily had the thoughts of line and transfer systems in mind due to the nature of Enshu’s customer base but this manufacturing requirement means that Enshu’s machines must conform to very high level of reliability as one stoppage in an automated system has an obvious knock on situation to the whole production reliability.

For this reason Enshu have established a standard of quality MTB5000 (5000 hours of Mean Time between Breakdowns). This means that the Enshu machine will run trouble free for 5000hrs. Essentially one year on three shifts.

In 1989 Warwick Machinery Limited and Enshu installed the first full engine block machining line in Triumph motorcycles. The expertise and experience of Enshu’s engineers worked alongside Triumphs enthusiastic design engineers to produce a line to machine engines to the high quality required attaining to the illustrious Triumph name.

The success of this project lead to further line extensions in 1994 and 1998 and further full lines added in 2000 and 2011 for the new engines that Triumph required. Along with full engine lines Warwick Machinery Limited also supplied many high volume stand alone machines with twin pallets, 4th axis, fixture recognition all required and requested for each individual component to achieve the end result of affordable accurate volume production.

With Takamaz Warwick Machinery Limited have a supplier that has manufactured lathes of various sizes and configurations to a level of reliability and quality that has now allowed them to diversify into AUTO LOADING.

The loading systems manufactured by Takamaz have many variants and styles but all have the ability to be tailored to the customer’s needs. To see video footage of the XD8 and loaders please click on the attached picture.

The.XD and XW range machines allow OP10, OP20 machining in the two spindles with power tooling, C axis and Y-axis options available. XD range of machines achieve a loading time of ZERO seconds. This achieved as the turret is always working on one of the two spindles and with a minimum loading cycle of 8 seconds this cycle is not normally beaten.

Along with its machine and loader systems Takamaz also manufacture their own patented collet system showing their understanding of the need for accurate work holding as well as machining.

Being a major machine supplier to manufacturing giants such as Denso, means that reliability and quality go hand in hand, in any project undertaken by Warwick Machinery Limited and Takamaz.

Kira stand in a market place were speed accuracy cost and flexibility are all considerations when manufacturing machines for an ever more competitive market. For this reason Kira have re-launched their range of machines to cover as many requirements as possible.

With cost in mind they have produced the PC30E machine attacking the small BT30 spindle market and is considered as the most cost performance machine in the Japanese market. This then steps up to the PC30F machine with 60m/min rapids and a 1.1second tool change.

With customers requirements so varied Kira have also pointed certain machines to certain industries such as the PC30W built for fine finishing work in watch case and jewellery.

De-gating and de-burring of cast, injection moulded and pressed work gave Kira the idea to develop the Deflash. With a 4th and 5th axis the Deflash is designed primarily for removing excess stock from casting and spurs from moulds.
Although built primarily for de-burring and de-gating the Deflash can be used for limited milling and drilling operations.

Although Kira’s main business is 3 and 4 axis drill mills their expertise in machine design and manufacture allows them to manufacture many variants, Such as twin spindle machines(as pictured above), double headed horizontals, pendulum machines and even 4 headed rotary machines.

Finding the solution to production requirements is our goal.